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TikTok Shop is a unique e-commerce platform within TikTok that gives influencers a new way to monetise their creativity and connect with their followers in more meaningful ways.

what is tiktok shop?

TikTok Shop is an innovative

e-commerce feature embedded

within the TikTok app, opening a

world of opportunities for creators

to monetize their content.

Influencers can now tag products

directly within their content, guiding

their followers to products they recommend or love.

how can i make money with tiktok shop?

short form video

Tag Products, Earn Per Purchase


Livestream, Showcase, Earn

merchant collabs

Partner, Promote, Profit

who is gen z media?

official tiktok partner

we're proud to be one of the first partners of TikTok Shop.

this partnership solidifies our commitment to bringing our influencers the best opportunities to monetize their creativity and influence.

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what brands can i work with on

tiktok shop?

TikTok Shop brings together a vast array of brands that resonate with the Gen Z audience, spanning across industries from beauty and fashion to gaming.

Some of these brands include high-profile names like Boohoo, MyProtein, Pretty Little Thing, Pacsun, and REVOLVE.